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eLearning companies, Learning Designers, Learning and Development professionals, Online course creators - Check out our learning programs and experience the power of designing an awesome learning experience.

There is a lot of eLearning, online learning that is being offered every day. Most of the times, though learners are disengaged, courses are boring, there is an information overload, we use the same strategies and training programs are the only option that is focused upon for employee development.

The result, unhappy learners, and dissatisfied learning designers and course creators.

Would you want to change that? Bet you do.

Master the art and science of designing learning experiences with our Design Power Framework TM.

Choose what best aligns with you and your requirements from our Brain - Mind - LX Design Series.

Learning programs for Professionals

Brain - Mind - LX Design

  • Know the Learning Brain
  • Become a Mindful Learning Designer

Self-Learning Mini Courses for learning professionals

  • Digital Blooms taxonomy
  • Conducting an effective Online Class
  • 21st century curriculum design
  • Rubrics - An assessment tool

Group Learning Courses

  • Writing effective outcomes and objectives
  • The power of an effective Needs Analysis
  • The power of Micro learning
  • Creating the context with scenario based learning
  • Creating and using Rubrics
  • Writing a Case study
  • Game based Learning

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Learning Programs

Employee Engagement Programs

Corporates, HR Heads - Check out our Employee Engagement programs that will help boost productivity and help you nurture a positive work culture in your organization.

Teachers as designers of learning

Schools, Teachers and Parents - Know about the Brain - Mind - LX Design programs we have specially created for you to engage and inspire children.

Higher education Faculty as designers of Learning

Universities, Colleges and Faculty - Know about the Brain - Mind - LX Design programs we have specially created for you to engage & empower your students.

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