Know Learning Brain of Your Child

Understand how the brain learns & help your child learn better, make use of the opportunities that will benefit your child at each stage of their development. Use research based proven strategies to make learning interesting & enjoyable for your children. If you are a parent who would love to see children enjoy the learning process this workshop is for you.

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Target Audience : Parents
Batch size : 50 Participants

Workshop Coverage

This online workshop focuses on making parents aware about the basic brain structure, how the brain processes information & some important brain-based learning strategies


Session Coverage
  • Welcome and ground rules
  • Basic Brain facts :
      Basic structure of the brain and the functions which are important for learning
  • How the Brain learns

    • Information processing
    • What is memory
    • Importance of meaning in learning
    • Importance of sleep and diet


Session Coverage
  • The Two Mindsets

    • Fixed vs Growth Mindsets
  • Brain development – Windows of opportunity

    • Periods in brain development where certain skills like language, emotional control can be learnt optimally


Session Coverage
  • Brain Based Learning Strategies


Session Coverage
  • Tools for Brain Based Learning
  • Feedback
  • Workshop Wrap-up

Workshop Methodology

The ‘Know the Learning Brain’ online workshop will use :

  • Presentation and Explanations
  • Videos
  • Tool demonstrations
  • Provide website references

Workshop Duration


  • Each online session will be of : 180 min duration
  • Total number of online sessions : 2 - 180 minutes over two days
  • Total online workshop duration : 6 hours
The workshop fees for the ‘Know the Learning Brain’ –
1750 / Participant
1500 / Couple
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Client Speak

"Know the Learning Brain" Training Testimonials

"Your workshop on "How the Brain of your Child Learns was interesting, creative and interactive. It helped me to know about the brain structure and its development. You made the subject interesting with your presentation and delivery. It was a mind blowing workshop. Do let me know about your upcoming workshops."

Harsha. S. Tavsalkar

"The workshop on "How the Brain of your Child Learns" had great insights on the learning process. It is going to help me as a parent to teach and tackle issues that we face while teaching our daughter. Overall the workshop is full of knowledge about the brain and how we could boost it. The Fixed vs Growth mindset section was amazing. Would like to attend future sessions. Do update us about the same."

Sandeep. R. Tavsalkar