"Learners and their needs are at the core of any Learning Design"

“At the heart of every enjoyable, relevant, and meaningful learning experience is the learner, their needs, their aspirations, their deepest desire for what they want for themselves. Unleash that and you have a profound learning experience.”

Sucheta Phadke

Chief Learning Strategist


Designing purposeful learning experiences is the key to significant learning. It is like cooking a meal with lots of love and involvement.

When you cook a meal for your loved ones, you know exactly what they like, how they like it, what might they like if you experiment with the menu - you just know them - you are connected; you know what will make the experience enjoyable and what will make them relish the meal. Your being present while cooking the meal makes all the difference too.

Similarly, tuning in to yourself and your learner is the key to crafting a meaningful learning experience.

The question is how do you tune into yourself and what do you do to understand your learners & how does the magic begin?

It is simple

Use our special Design Power Framework TM that equips you with the knowledge, tools, and skills to become a learning experience designer.

This framework is unique because it focuses on the learner - their needs, how their brain learns and how they could be brought into mindful awareness – the three most important ingredients that will help you to become an awesome learning designer. In addition, you learn to be present yourself.

The Design Power Framework TM is an outcome of years of hands-on experience in designing learning programs.

Many organizations are creating courses or eLearning which miss the impact, learners are bored, and the course structures are monotonous.

But if the focus shifts to the learner, all of it is transformed - every learning experience becomes unique, engagement is key, content is relevant and meaningful, and the learner is happy.

Therefore, learning all about the framework and using it is the shift - to get your learners to participate and be a co-creator of the learning experience. That takes it to the next level.

Most of us have been using models and frameworks in designing our courses, because that is what has been available to us. Now, we have the power of the Design Power Framework TM and it is time to design learning experiences rather than just creating courses.

Check out the Design Power Framework TM

The Human Brain

The human brain is incredible. Research on how the brain learns and works provides valuable insights for learning experience design. Learning professionals who are aware of the brain, its structures, how memory forms have an edge when they design learning for their target audiences.

The Human Mind

What is the human mind? It is awareness or consciousness. Awareness about your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, emotions, beliefs, imagination, judgement, intuition. Tuning into yourself and bringing the same awareness to your learners is magical and most profound for learning designers. The most important reason being it helps us in being present in the moment, focus on feeling good and set the right intentions when we interact to understand our learners. That is the most critical element of learning experience design. After all it is the Human Connection which matters and touches a chord deep within.

LX Design

Learning experience design - with the learner at the core, it is a culmination of knowing the learning brain and the mind along with a systematic design process (the 6D Design Solutions Framework TM) which helps in crafting world class learning experiences which best fit the learner’s needs.

Are you ready to make the difference?

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Crafting World Class Learning Experiences

eLearning companies, Learning Designers, learning and development professionals, online course creators - Know all about crafting world class learning experiences from the Design Power Framework TM

Employee Engagement Programs

Corporates, HR Heads - Check out our Employee Engagement programs that will help boost productivity and help you nurture a positive work culture in your organization.

Teachers as designers of learning

Schools, Teachers and Parents - Know about the Brain - Mind - LX Design programs we have specially created for you to engage and inspire children.

Higher education Faculty as designers of Learning

Universities, Colleges and Faculty - Know about the Brain - Mind - LX Design programs we have specially created for you to engage & empower your students.

Learner Speak

Customised Training Testimonials

“I learnt a lot from the ’Flipped Classroom’ workshop that you conducted. Initially, I thought, your session would be like a typical lecture. You would use a presentation and explain. However, nothing of that sort happened. We actively participated. The activities we did not only helped us to learn from each other but also helped build our confidence. It has been a while since I played any game, did activities that got me involved. Today I experienced it all over again and thoroughly enjoyed it. ‘Flipped Classroom’ and ‘Technology’, both are new for me. You sent us reference links. I read through them. But when I sat to discuss the flipped activity, I realised the importance of planning and preparation for conducting it. I also realised, that there is no point in being diffident. Working collaboratively, builds one’s perspective and gives confidence to succeed. Thanks a lot for this workshop.”

Shilpa Kuyate, Course Team Member, MKCL Knowledge Foundation

“Engage and Upgrade Employability Skills” workshop was very well paced with genuine interest shown by Suchetaji. Her experience, confidence and energy levels made this workshop very engaging. She is a highly skilled trainer. Absolutely wonderful workshop, one of the best ones I did.”

Rajat Dutta, Head - Delivery, Jetking Infotrain Ltd

“It is just to convey about yesterday’s workshop on Transformations in Education. It was really a nice experience. Working in groups helped to know what and how other people in our organization think about this important issue. This exchange of thought will be a food for brain for the days ahead. It was quite an enriching experience to listen to other participants also. The sessions were well planned and conducted by the facilitator very well. Waiting eagerly for many more such enriching experiences.”

Dr. Benazeer Tamboli, MKCL Knowledge Foundation

“It was really a good start to academic year 17-18. Thanks, Sucheta Madam”

Deepa Ghelani, Principal, Pinnacle High International School

“It was not only knowledge but also skill enrichment workshop. Thanks, Sucheta Madam”

Jasmina Sanghvi, Primary & Secondary Coordinator