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Learning Experience Design (LXD) Consulting

We are Learning Experience Design Strategists. We design learning solutions that help organizations and businesses to add value, reach a wider audience, improve performance, upskill, reskill, enhance scale of training programs and the overall learning experience using compelling learning strategies.
Our time - tested 6D Design Solutions Framework ™ which is built on established learning models and research in the field ensures the design of creative, engaging and compelling solutions which meet the felt and actual organizational needs as well as the learner needs.

6D Design Solutions Framework TM

Understanding the gap between current reality and future needs. Analyzing the learner and the organizational needs using a systematic process of Needs Analysis.

Conducting a Needs Analysis using a combination of methods

  • Stakeholder interviews Speaking to all the stakeholders – learners, trainers, top management, recruiters, employers, seniors. Collecting experiences, felt needs, data on current reality, future needs
  • Observation Observing on the job performance, training sessions, on-site visits for understanding processes
  • Literature review Analyzing curriculum, course materials, processes and or technical manuals, subject matter, case studies, existing work or content samples and related data
  • Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) Conducting FGDs to uncover views on current reality and future needs, gaps and preferred approaches
  • Surveys Online surveys to get feedback and expectations
  • Audio-Visual documentation Audio recording of interviews, FGDs, capturing observations on video and taking photographs

Needs Analysis can be done in a short span of a couple of days as well as a detailed one over ten to fifteen days

Defining the learner personas. Defining the organizational needs and the learning goals
  • Learner Personas Defining the learner personas
  • Define Organization Needs in the form of goal statements for the project under consideration. Defining the Learning goals for the project
  • Non – Training factors Identifying non-training factors which influence performance and learning
  • Presenting Findings Sharing the analysis findings with sponsors and key stakeholders
Design of the learning solution. Defining the learning structure; the strategies to be used to make the learning experience enjoyable and compelling. Integrated approach to ensure alignment with organization needs
  • Integrated approach Addressing learning needs and non-training factors, thereby adding value and ensuring alignment to the organization needs
  • Learning Structure Defining the learning structure or model ensures a learning experience unique to the organization. E.g. Scenario - Discuss - Share - Summarize - My Learning
  • Learning Strategies Ensuring active participation of the learner in the process. Make the learning experience engaging, relevant and meaningful
Creating a prototype which helps to visualize the learning experience and provide a look and feel of the key features of the proposed learning solution
  • Prototype Guiding the creation of a mockup of key elements and features by working on a representative module. Working with client teams or identified vendors for prototype creation.
  • Prototype Testing with the intended target audience, using the proposed delivery mechanism in the identified learning environment helps to refine the learning solution
  • Fine Tuning the solution based on feedback and learner experience
  • Setting guidelines for the various strategies and features defined in the learning solution
Writing scripts and storyboards based on requirements
  • Alignment with the learning solution Ensuring alignment with the defined strategies, adherence to timelines as per defined project plan. Working closely with development team
  • Scripts and Storyboards Writing scripts and storyboards based on requirements
Deliver value added services like Train the Trainer program, trainer certification. Providing thought leadership

Value added services in the form of

  • Train the Trainer program Delivery of online or instructor-led train the trainer programs aligning to the learning solution
  • Certification of trainers in facilitation or training skills
  • Thought leadership on integration of the learning solution and effective learning delivery to augment reach, access and scale using technology


Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) Foundation with funding from the Rajiv Gandhi Science Commission worked on creating Open Education Resources (OERs) for rural schools in the state of Maharashtra.
Concept formation and Active Learning were the focus of the OERs. Project involved design of the solution, training teams on the defined learning strategies, implementation on field, guiding distributed (virtual) classroom, training rural schoolteachers in using technology and Project Based Learning.
Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) Foundation setup an E-school which focused on Online Assessments. Project involved mentoring the course team on writing higher order assessments for Mathematics, Science, Languages for Class V-X.
A distance learning solution for TATA Technologies as part of their CSR initiative. The solution trained almost 5000 third year Mechanical Engineering students in a span of a year and received the ASSOCHAM, MHRD award. The project involved design of the solution, training experts in session planning, writing objectives and creating learning content and developing video lessons.
The Learning Solution for Jetking Infotrain Limited proposed a shift from 20th century to 21st century learning with the Engagement Matrix considering Gen X student personas and focusing on engagement at all levels beginning with Pre-Assessment – Formative and Summative assessment – Training – Placement and Enrolment. The shift was that learners must experience an environment like the workplace that they would be employed in.
Based on a detailed Needs Analysis, a blended learning solution was designed to train unemployed youth as Forklift Operators. Classroom sessions had e-content and used scenarios to explain day to day operations. The hands-on sessions were followed by a Simulated Workplace which gave extensive practice to the participants and prepared them for productivity norms as per warehouse requirements.
The Instructor-Led Training (ILT) built capacity of approximately 1700 entry -level warehouse operations staff across locations. The training design done for LIFT Academy who trained personnel of Mahindra Logistics across their pan-India operations.
Approx. 600 Housekeeping staff across several locations were trained on the job using microlearning bytes which had video content and flip books. The approach focused on bringing home the nuances of housekeeping work, the dos and don’ts through nugget sized real-life scenarios followed by group discussions.
This Instructor-Led Training (ILT) was designed for training instructors on how to conduct Inquiry and Project based learning for students at Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in India. ITIs provide employability training in engineering and non-engineering technical fields. The project also involved the design of a Train the Trainer program for Master Trainers of TATA STRIVE.

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“Sucheta did a wonderful job, in creating a holistic learning and development strategy for Jetking from assessment to training and placement with the finest details on eLearning aspects and student employability. She, herself is a great trainer and has hands on experience which can be leveraged by any organization. Deep insight about students learning behavior also helped Jetking.”

Suresh Bharwani, Chairman and Managing Director, Jetking Infotrain Limited

“Sucheta is an expert who has a unique talent of using technology to simplify the most complex concepts. Her approach to building high performance teams, identifying talent, putting tech supported systems in place were commendable. Her strategies demystify and simplify concepts with ease and then suddenly it's easy to replicate and transform the training program into a viable measurable model.”

James Jose, CEO, Revival Engineers®. The Forklift Company

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