Learning design for the online workshop

Recent times have made it mandatory for every teacher and student to teach and learn online. Learning is no longer going to be restricted to the classroom. Online learning, live online classes are here to stay.
As such teachers and faculty require training to conduct live online classes.
Target Audience : Faculty in Higher Education & School Teachers

Workshop Coverage

This online workshop focuses on planning and design for online teaching and engagement strategies that could make the online session / class interactive and participatory.


Session Coverage
  • Welcome and ground rules
  • The 3Ls - Online Teaching
  • Introduction to Online teaching tool - Zoom - Basic features
  • Know your Learner
  • Backward design process
  • Assignment
  • My Reflection


Session Coverage
  • Volunteer Participation - Learner Persona
  • Define your Objective
  • Strategies for Checking Understanding
  • Plan using a Mind map
  • Assignment
  • My Reflection


Session Coverage
  • Volunteer Participation - Mind map
  • Introduction to Active Learning
  • Engagement Strategies for Online teaching
  • My Reflection


Session Coverage
  • Engagement Strategies for Online teaching contd.
  • Online teaching Tool - Zoom - Advanced features
  • Final Quiz
  • My Reflection

Workshop Methodology

The ‘Learning design for the online college’ online workshop will focus on

  • Presentation and Explanations
  • Learning by doing
  • Learning from each other
  • Learning through reflection

Workshop Duration


  • Each online session will be of 90 min duration
  • Total number of online sessions : 4 - 90 minutes over four days
  • Total online workshop duration : 6 hours
  • Total time for assignments : 2.5 hours

Note : Participants will work on one group assignment and one individual assignment

Feedback ‘Learning design for the online college’ Workshop Feedback from participants
Workshop fees for the 'Learning design for the online college' –
2500 / participant
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