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The 90 Day Certificate Course in Learning Experience Design will empower you with knowledge and skills to design meaningful and enjoyable learning. It will enable you to perform better in your role as a learning professional.

The learning experience is designed for you to:

  • Engage in a positive and mindful learning environment
  • Make learning personally relevant for you
  • Enjoy the learning process through collaboration
  • Learn through reflection
  • Build confidence

Self-Paced online Learning

Live-Online Classes

Collaborative Learning

40 Hours Over 3 Months

Create your e-Portfolio

Certificate of Completion

This course takes you through the entire journey - right from conducting an effective Needs Analysis to working on your own real-world learning activity.

Discover two of our frameworks - the Design Power Framework TM and the 6D Design Solutions Framework TM that ensure the design of creative, purposeful, and compelling learning experiences which meet the learner needs and the business needs of your organization.

6D Design Solutions Framework TM

Active Learning Toolkit TM

The Active Learning Toolkit TM that comes with the course has templates, job aids, infographics that will help you design cool, awesome experiences and make you a star Learning Designer.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for learning professionals - instructional designers, course designers, learning and development managers, training leads, performance consultants, faculty who are looking out for a systematic approach and practical insights to design engaging learning programs.

Participants new to Learning Design and those who have comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field will benefit from this course.

Course Outcomes

This course will help you to:

  • Gain a strong foundation in the practice of Learning Experience Design
  • Reflect on your progress for the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required as a learning designer
  • Learn how to conduct an effective Needs Analysis
  • Determine appropriate tools, formats for course delivery
  • Design learning activities that make learning compelling and purposeful
  • Apply learning experience design principles to real life course development
  • Develop learning implementation and evaluation plans

Course Objectives

After going through this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify your KSA using the Learning Designer Skill Wheel
  • Use the Design Power Framework TM
  • Recognize the importance of Visual & Technical Design for making learning engaging
  • Conduct an effective Needs Analysis
  • Create Learner personas and empathy maps
  • Explain the terms - Pedagogy - Andragogy and Heutagogy
  • Write effective learning objectives and outcomes
  • Design learning models
  • Align appropriate tools & formats for a meaningful learning experience
  • Construct learning activities that address the psychology and transfer of learning
  • Select appropriate media for meeting the defined objectives
  • Create a course outline
  • Prepare a Learning Design Document
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Develop an evaluation strategy
  • Create your e-portfolio

Course Coverage

Week One

Module One - Welcome

Week Two

Module Two - Let’s begin with Design

  • Understanding Design
  • Design Power Framework TM - (Brain-Mind-LXD)

Week Three & Four

Module Three - How people learn

  • The psychology of learning
  • Pedagogy - Andragogy – Heutagogy
  • How the Brain Learns
  • How we think
  • Transfer of Learning

Week Five and Six

Module Four - Conducting an effective Needs Analysis

  • Understanding the Gap
  • Design of the Needs Analysis
  • Learner Personas and Empathy Maps
  • Data Collection and Analysis
Week Seven, Eight, Nine

Module Five - Design Considerations

  • Identified Needs
  • Program Budget
  • Program Objectives
  • Writing effective outcomes and objectives
  • Learning Strategies and Methods
  • Selecting Media
  • Learning Management Systems and Learning Experience Platforms
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Implementation

Week Ten and Eleven

Module Six - Design of the Learning Experience

  • Telling the Story
  • Learning Model
  • Learner Journey
Week Twelve

Module Seven - Working with Development

  • Working with subject matter experts
  • Working with the development team

Module Eight - E-portfolio

  • Completing your E-portfolio
  • Assessment and certification
Course Methodology

This course encourages participants to be reflective in their practice of learning experience design. it is collaborative and interactive. It will focus on:

  • Self-paced learning - learn concepts online with explanation videos, practical insights, and application examples at your own time and pace
  • Collaborative Learning - Group learning over Zoom Calls every week
  • Cooperative Learning - Work on partnered practice assignments every week to apply knowledge
  • Create your e-Portfolio - Write your reflections. Create your e-Portfolio for the final assessment and certification
Course Duration
  • Batch Start Date : 14th February 2022
  • 40 hours over three months
  • 3 hours every week for 12 weeks
  • 4 hours for final assessment and ePortfolio
Bonus Course

  • From our Design Power Framework TM
  • Become a Mindful Learning Experience Designer
  • As you work on your Certificate Course in Learning Experience Design, get access to our bonus course – Become a Mindful Learning Designer
  • This is a 12-week course on the practice of Mindfulness with weekly exercises, worksheets, and audio meditations.

Certificate Course in Learning Experience Design

Course Starts : 14th February 2022
Standard Price : 75000 / per person
Get in touch with us for corporate rates at info@honeycomblearningdesign.com

Sucheta Phadke

Meet your Course Facilitator

Sucheta is a Learning Strategist with over 25 years of experience in the field. She has a Master’s in Communication Studies from University of Pune and is a British Chevening Scholar.
Learning strategy; training teams; learning experience design of online / blended programs for K12, Teacher / Faculty Development, Skill Development, Higher Education and Learning and Development is what has kept her engrossed over the years. The focus is on making learning engaging, relevant, and meaningful.

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